How Manufacturers and Industrial Companies can use videos in email newsletters

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You know you need to be creating content for your website and social media to grow your audience and boost your Google rankings. And we all know that video is the best format to create. But, there might be a strategy that you’re overlooking.

While social media and other marketing channels allow you to have direct contact with your customers, clients and prospects, one of the best ways to connect is still with email marketing. But, if not done correctly you might not have good results. Sending out short videos via email is a powerful way to connect with your audience each week.

If you’re already creating videos then you should repurpose them by sending them out to your email list. And if you’re not creating short video content then you need to get started today. We have a unique marketing strategy that uses short videos to grow your email list AND we help with a simple way to nurture those leads. That way you help someone go from the top of the funnel to someone who is more likely to purchase from you.

Have you ever sent out an email blast to your contacts, only to have nobody respond? Don’t worry; this is a common problem most companies experience.

According to Hubspot, companies that utilize videos have seen their click rates skyrocket by over 300%.

Using videos In your email outreach is a great strategy to increase interest and generate excitement. These videos don’t have to be long but the content needs to be worth your audience’s time and offer them something of value.

Some topics you talk about could include:

  • Industry trends
  • Useful how-to tutorials
  • Tips on potential problems your customers face and how you solve those problems
  • New products you are set to launch

Download the guide on The Top 10 Videos You Should Use In Each Step of the Sales Process.

Your audience comprehends information faster through video, rather than hearing or reading the data. Therefore, videos can deliver your intended message in a more effective manner. Complicated data, such as hard-hitting statistics, become much easier to digest when displayed in this way.

Besides the clarity, storytelling with matching images can help present sensitive issues in a better way. Seeing things for yourself, even just through a screen, lowers one’s defenses and makes them more open to new perspectives. The emotional connection established actually helps potential customers feel closer with your brand. Once this happens, they’ll be more susceptible to a certain call to action.

You see, using videos in your email campaigns provides an unending number of opportunities. It all just boils down to what you want to say and how you are able to say it.

If you’re interested in rolling this out in your company, we create a custom strategy based on over 50 topics to cover in your videos. We even create video content and help with distribution. To learn more about our top 10 videos you should be using this year, check out the free eBook download below.

Download the guide on The Top 10 Videos You Should Use In Each Step of the Sales Process.

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