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Backup, Security, Updates & Hosting Packages

Your website is a critical piece of your company’s daily operations and income. If it goes down, how will your visitors find you, learn more about your products and services and buy from you? Maintaining websites is tedious and technical. Let us help you with all the work to update and secure it so you can rest easy knowing your website is secure, updated and backed up.

1. Website Security Package:

The internet can be a dangerous place, so let us help protect your website. Websites can get hacked, breached, compromised or have malicious code injected into them. This may be of no fault of your own. Large companies like Target, Apple and others have gotten hacked and it can happen to any website.

The key is to minimize the risks of potential website security issues. This package includes the setup and continual monitoring of your website for any issues that arise.

Package includes:

Why wait until after your website gets compromised? With our monitoring system you can know what’s happening to your website and reduce the risk of your website going down.

2. Website Backup Package:

Since your website is a vitally important piece of your business, we have a premium website backup package. If your website gets compromised, hacked, gets errors, goes down or even if we simply need to roll it back to a previous version, then we can restore it from the the last backup. This is faster and cheaper than trying to piece together the website or having to rebuild it without a backup.

What happens if your website goes down or is compromised? With our premium backup system, we can get you back up and running quickly

We will set up a backup system that can occur monthly. If your website gets hacked or goes down without using a backup service, like the one we provide, your website may have to be rebuilt from scratch for an additional cost.

Restore website from Backup Package: (pricing depends on the size of the website, database, reason it went down and timeline needed

3. Website Update Package:

Staying on top of the latest updates and security warnings is tedious and can break your website if not done properly. Any good software or CMS platform has regular updates to improve functionality and security.

We will regularly update your website, Core files, plugins, themes and integrations, which can be a delicate process and if done in the proper manner, can result in lost elements of your website downtime. By not updating
these files, your website is at risk of being hacked.

Package Details & Pricing

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Note: all website packages are based off annual agreements