True Focus Media interviewed by about the benefits of WordPress for wedding websites

A few months ago, I met Jeff and Stephanie Padovani through social media (who says social media doesn’t work?). We really hit it off and were able to exchange ideas on marketing, technology and websites. They recently contacted me to see if they could interview me about web design, WordPress, blogging, marketing and how to make it all work together. They work with wedding vendors and help them to Book More Brides (found at  Over the past 10 years I’ve worked with a lot of wedding vendors, have done a lot of wedding video and have written in a bridal magazine over the past year and have written about web design and media.  Stephanie and Jeff asked their audience for questions and we were flooded with great questions ranging from who to use for hosting (I use, to my thoughts on why not to use Flash on your website.   We even talked about how to integrate social media, blogging and SEO.  I had a blast talking with them and sharing incites to their listeners.  I wish we could have covered them all but there were almost 100 questions that people wrote in and asked.

I love being interviewed and enjoy sharing why WordPress is such a great service and how I help my clients to build great websites.  I’ll post a link to the audio interview in the coming days when it comes out.

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