2 Overlooked Marketing Strategies For Manufacturers

Do you have a solid marketing strategy in place? We’ve worked with many industrial manufacturing companies over the years and many of them fail to use 2 power marketing strategies.

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Tip 1: Educate Your Customers

Did you know that customers watch almost 30 minutes of video content before they want to talk to someone? But they still have questions.

Most companies are really good at touting their products, services, company history, and many more benefits. So they create Company History videos, big campaigns about the features of their products. But they don’t educate the customer on the problems that they solve.

Your customers are looking to solve THEIR problems and want a solution. And they will go to the industry leader. The company that has how-to videos, setup videos, training videos, FAQ videos and other helpful content.

Educational content builds trust and showcases you as the industry authority.

Video is the best way to do this. Are you using education-based videos as a part of your marketing strategy?

Tip 2: Authority Boosting Videos

Are you an expert? Is your company an expert in the industry? If so, do your customers think of you as an expert?

The best way to showcase your authority is by creating helpful and educational video content. Don’t simply tell your customers that you’re the expert by hammering it over their heads. We see many companies telling customers that they’re the expert on their website, brochures and other places. But customers don’t buy into that until they see why you’re the expert.

We recommend a variety of video content that educates, informs, and shows that real people work at your company. Create how-to videos, highly produced videos and simple smart-phone videos. Post your videos on your social media profiles. The more human you are, the more your customers will begin to know, like and trust you.

These 2 tips above work together. If you’re creating educational content than you will showcase your authority to your customers.

Make sure to post these videos on your website, on social media, in your email signature, and anywhere else your customers will be. The more places you put each video, the more likely they will see it and start to build trust with you and your company

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