eLearning and Training​

Are you spending too much time on-boarding employees, teaching the same things to your customers and clients, have safety training, or have an audience that you can teach 24/7? We can help.

Save time, spend less and train more efficiently with elearning and time-shifted training.

Companies save between 50%-70% when they replace instructor-based training with eLearning.

Courses can be delivered in shorter sessions and spread out over different days so the employee isn’t tied up in training for hours or days at at time. Additionally, employees don’t need to travel to get to a class.

The world of training is rapidly changing and True Focus Media is here to help. Are you able to spend the appropriate amount of time training employees and/or customers? And who has time (and money) to travel for training? Why not leverage technology and provide training, documentation, videos and other resources 24/7.

Whether you need traditional eLearning services to train your employees, or an online portal where customers can log in to view documents, support articles, and other materials, we can do it all.

We are experts at creating training portals for your training and certification needs. Whether it’s manufacturing safety training, medical courses, sales training, mobile learning (mLearning), certification, CE credits, CEU credits, real estate training or any other type of training needs, we can help. We can also integrate “Gamification” to the process which makes the learning process more fun, engaging and competitive.

eLearning & Training

10 ways to save time & money with online learning in your business.

Elearning & Training

Leverage E-Learning

Do you need to train your employees, customers or both? We will discuss how you can be more effective and efficient with eLearning. From there we will create a custom strategy.

Custom Solutions

We can create a customized Learning Management System or use your existing one. Whether you need guidance with content creation or someone to do it all, we can help.

Training And Launch

Once the new content and portal are created we will work with you to train you how to use it. That way you have the power to more effectively train your employees or customers.

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We write helpful articles, tutorials and project breakdowns. Our goal is to educate you so you know what to do and who to trust when you’re ready to start your next project.

eLearning & Training

10 ways to save time & money with online learning in your business.

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