3 Simple Video Ideas to Boost SEO

Every company wants needs to be on the first page of Google. It’s the difference between having perspective customers call you, versus having to make cold calls. And no one likes making cold calls.  Imagine, regularly getting calls from customers who want need your services. We have been priviledged to recieve calls both locally and around the country who need our video production services. They find us by doing a simple Google search, and our company comes up pretty high if not at the top.  The reason we come up so high is that we are always adding content to our website and this includes adding video content.

Boost Video SEO

While many companies find great success in producing several high quality videos right away, other companies need to gently wade into the waters with simple videos. Keep in mind, any video that you create shares a message about your company and this message can either be positive or negative. Make sure your video doesn’t look homemade or it will reflect poorly on your company. Below are 3 simple video ideas to boost your website SEO.

1.  PowerPoint Videos

Almost every company uses Powerpoint. I don’t want to get into how many PowerPoint presentations are really boring, but I’m sure that’s not yours at all! I do want to talk about how you can turn a simple presentation into a video. Make sure your content is high quality and engaging with good images and backgrounds. Record yourself speaking through each slide and export the entire thing as a video. Now you can upload it to YouTube and embed it to your website. Voilà, now you can harness the power of video. While I don’t recommend that using PowerPoint is your only video strategy, it might be a good place to start.

2.  Photo Slideshow

I’m sure most of you have some type of camera, whether it’s an iPhone or a point and shoot camera. You also have products, events and situations where you can take photos. You may not have thought about using iMove, iPhoto or even PowerPoint to make a video slideshow by gently zooming in and out to the photos.  This is another simple way to add video to your website and start enjoying the SEO benefits that Google gives you.

3.  Video FAQ

Many websites have an FAQ section on, which is great for your SEO because it answers questions that people are probably typing into Google. While text is a start, using video for your FAQs can dramatically boost your SEO.  I’m sure that your customers ask the same 10-15 questions.  A simple solution is to make a video answer to each of these questions.  You can post them on YouTube and your website and you will see some very good SEO benefits coming your way.  You can make simple FAQ videos, or you can call us to make something professional. We love making videos that give a high return on their investment and Video FAQs do just that.

Now that you’re ready to get started, here are a few places that you can put your videos:

  • YouTube – it’s the #2 largest search engine and YouTube is owned by Google
  • Your website – embed your YouTube videos on your website
  • LinkedIn – have your staff embed the videos on their LinkedIn profile and  your company profile
  • Twitter – set a schedule to share these videos every few weeks
  • Facebook – many people overlook this, but you can share this video with your friends, family and colleagues on Facebook
  • Newsletter – Looking for good content to put in your newsletters? Why not showcase your videos in each month. If you create 12 videos, you can pick one video per newsletter and have all the content you need for a years worth of newsletters. You’re welcome!

Now go ahead and start making those videos! Oh, and if it seems too overwhelming or are too busy to make any type of video yourself, don’t worry, most companies would rather have a professional do it. Give us a call and we’d love to help.

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