36% of people watched 5 or more product videos online

A recent study was done by the e-tailing group and found that video is driving research of online products.  In fact, many companies like Amazon, Zappos and onlineshoes.com are employing video companies to create hundreds of products videos. You can read more about it here.

This study found that

US consumers who encountered product videos on websites watched them 60% of the time. And 36% of respondents said they had watched five or more product videos on brand or retail websites over the preceding three months.

This study even found that viewers were willing to watch a longer video, if the video contained information about the product.  The respondents also demonstrated that they will keep coming back to watch the videos before deciding to purchase.

Do you have product videos?  Are they informative and engaging?  We all know that video heavily increasing the purchasing of products, so why not give Exit Row Productions a call to see how we can help you get your product videos up…so you can start selling more.

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