5 Reasons Why Your Videos Aren’t Getting Leads and Sales

Did you know that 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service through a video?

With millions of videos currently circulating the web, one of the biggest challenges marketers face is standing out. No, this isn’t just about creativity or special effects, but about how your primary message is presented. When consumers feel lost or detached from your products and services they end up looking elsewhere, while you lose out the sale.

We have seen a lot of videos since starting the company in 2003 and know which ones will yield results and which ones won’t. To help you maximize this medium, here are 5 reasons why your videos aren’t getting the leads it should and how to resolve each one.

Download the guide on The Top 10 Videos You Should Use In Each Step of the Sales Process.

1 – You’re Not Making Any Videos

Videos have become the most effective form of media. As a result, customers expect to see video content on your website, training materials, social media, webinars, and every aspect of your marketing strategy.

This seems like a no-brainer, right? So if you want to quickly surpass your competition, one strategy we’ve seen work is to create a video library of content across all channels. When done correctly this will give you massive ROI.

2 – Your Video Content is All About You

Many companies start creating video content by talking about themselves, their history, their products and other inward focussed aspects. They make all the content about them and not about their customer’s problems. Content that introduces your company is good in moderation.

As such, try using your customer’s experiences as the primary focus. Produce videos that talk about their everyday problems, before presenting your product or service as a possible solution. This creates a much stronger trust and impact that will increase sales drastically.


3 – Your Videos are Too General

A video without a specific direction or purpose just comes off as mindless rambling. If you post anything remotely similar to this, you can be sure that customers will stop it within the first few minutes.

Instead, make specific videos based on the following:

  • Buyer Personas
  • Industry-Centric
  • Real-Life Applications

Ultimately, introducing detailed concepts that are based on your target audience’s pain points should make your content all the more relatable. Once you do this, your consumers will be so much more loyal to your brand.

4 – You Don’t Have Videos for Each Part of the Sales Process

The sales process is a long and arduous journey for every company: it begins by showing your audience that you “get them”. You get their problems and you understand their goals. From ther you can share helpful information to show that you and your company are the experts in the field.  This will get you better results than traditional marketing which was mostly internally focussed rather than outwardly focussing on the customer.

You must have videos for every stage of the sales process. Use these to relay important directions, tell stories, and make your customers feel that you understand them. Most importantly, show them how every step is connected. The more interested they become, the more likely they are to continue watching — and this should be a goal you aspire to achieve.

5 – There is No Call-to-Action Video

The call-to-action is arguably one of the most crucial parts of marketing. This sets your customer’s direction and serves as an ideal jump-off point into something tangible. Therefore, you’re sales process needs to end with a video like this.

Furthermore, your CTA needs to be instant; meaning consumers won’t need to think twice anymore. Don’t just send them to your home or a general webpage. Give them a clear call to action. Define exactly what you want them to do.

We recommend promoting a lead magnet where they sign up to get a guide, checklist, spec sheet, access to a mini-course or something of high value. Ultimately, since this process is so tedious, you need to make it worthwhile for you as well.

If you’re interested to improve your video marketing knowledge, we recommend checking out the resource below about The Top 10 Videos You Can Use In Each Step Of The Sales Process. Download it and let’s get started today.

Download the guide on The Top 10 Videos You Should Use In Each Step of the Sales Process.

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