5 Ways to use Company eLearning and Online Training

elearning photoOne of the top things that holds back a company is the knowledge of their employees and how fast they are expanding their skills. Internal training is vitally important to keeping a company sharp and competitive. Many times training is realized as an important task but it usually is put on the back burner because no one knows how to handle it effectively.

Here are 5 ways that you can use eLearning and Online Training in your company.

1. Internal Training

Most companies have certain processes and procedures that come down from management. Do you really need to train each employee one at a time or in small groups? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to create the training update once and then have your employees go through the training at their convenience? Then you can monitor who has taken it, what their engagement level is and who needs follow up.

2. Customer Service Tutorials

Do you notice that you are always giving the same help to your customers? Why not create an online learning center that answers the most asked questions? This could be in the form of Video FAQs, video tutorials and customized training of your products.

3. Software Training

If you run a software company, why not create a series of detailed training videos that walks through each aspect of your software? Do you really expect that people will read your documentation, when they could more easily watch a video on the same topic? Creating training videos helps visually show each part of your software, it engages the viewer in a more personal way, and a training video will help them remember the facts a lot more than your documentation will.

4. HR Training

With so many facets of the workforce changing, like health care, legal issues, etc. it’s vitally important that your employees stay up to date the latest updates. An HR manager can get overwhelmed with training. Why not put all of this training on a private part of your website that you can access 24/7? Online training can be reading text and taking a quiz, watching a video and writing their thoughts, or many other types of eLearning. Your employees can take the training at their convenience and you can monitor their progress. You can even make it fun by using “Gamification”, which gives rewards for the highest score, first to complete the training or any other way you can make the training a bit more fun.

5. Sales Force Training

Want to ensure the same message is being used by your sales team when they talk to prospects? Video has been shown to build trust and increase sales, so why not put some of your sales process in an a video? We have worked with companies to create an overview video that the sales team can use to send to a client before they come, or they can use it during the presentation. It can also be used on the company website, social media marketing and other marketing campaigns.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, it should give you an idea of the vast opportunities for using eLearning and Online Training in your company. eLearning and Online Training can help you be more efficient, more effective and can save time and money for your company. If you would like more ideas on how to use eLearning and Online Training in your company, contact us below. We would love to hear your needs and offer recommendations on how to get started.

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