7 tips for using video in your eLearning and training

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Gone are the days for large corporate training. Instead we’ve maximized the technology and video is more important than ever. Using video for training, eLearning, teaching and cementing your message is vitally important. But it brings challenges along with it. It takes time, knowledge and the right equipment. Here are some tips that will help you use video to it’s potential in your eLearning and training efforts.

  1. Use light to get it right: Turn off or dim the overhead lights to avoid casting ugly shadows. The best light you can use is the sun so position yourself near a window (but not too close). Have the subject sit at a slight angle so that the light wraps around the subject.
  2. Can you hear me now: One of the most underappreciated aspects of a great video is the audio quality. Use a lav mic or shotgun mic to get high quality sound. The better the audio sounds, the more professional the video will seem.
  3. Steady as she goes: No one likes a video that shakes and moves, unless your The Bourne Identity or Blair Witch Project. Use a tripod to stabilize the video. Don’t succumb to the urge to go handheld; no matter how still you think you are holding the camera, in the end the shakiness will show.
  4. Plan your plan: Now that you’ve gotten your video equipment in place it’s time to yell, “Action!!!”, right? Wrong. The best videos start with the proper planning. Have an outline with what you will say. Include stories, facts, and a structured plan of what you’ll be teaching.
  5. Get to the point:  Start with an intro and tell them what you’ll be teaching. Go into your main point and supplement it with stories and examples but keep it short. People are less attentive so do feel like you have to fill time. Make your point and move on.
  6. Keep it short: The average Youtube video gets watched for only around 3 minutes. Since our attention spans are so short, try making your eLearning videos around the 5-7 minute mark if possible. This may seem difficult, but the viewers will feel a sense of accomplishment once they have watch a lot of short videos.
  7. Get your game on: The trend in eLearning and training is “gamification”. Try adding incentives throughout the eLearning project. Add badges and reward the students by passing. If you make it fun, the student will enjoy learning. No one likes dry training so make it fun in the video, during the training process and throughout.

If you need help with your eLearning or training project give us a call. We’d love to help with consulting, videotaping, or developing your eLearning website portal.

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