Are you talking about the elephants in the room?

Are you talking about your elephants? 🐘🐘🐘

You know, those “elephants in the room” that your customers are thinking about but most companies don’t talk about? It could be price, delivery, tolerance, or a myriad of other hesitations that your ideal buyers have.

Most companies don’t talk about the elephants in the room. They change the subject to something else, but the customer still has a burning hesitation that goes unaddressed.

Pick your top 10 “elephants” and create videos for each one of their hesitations head-on. It will showcase your expertise, build trust and help increase sales.

By the way, message me if you need help creating Video Value Bombs like mine. I provide a monthly content roadmap, help with technology and feeling confident on camera, various forms of marketing material (videos, blogs, etc), and 40 different places you can post/repost your Video Value Bombs each month.

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