Athletes in Action Sports Complex Website

photo of  Athletes in Action Sports Complex website

We recently had the opportunity to work with Athletes in Action, which is a worldwide sports organization and ministry. They are headquartered in Xenia, Ohio and have a beautiful campus with many services they provide. They came to use and needed to update their website. They wanted to highlight their campus, their sports fields and all the events that they can provide to local and national sports teams.

Solutions Needed:

  • A responsive website that displays properly on mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Highly an aerial view of their sports complex on the Home Page
  • Have simple navigation to easy find the right information
  • Display a photo gallery on several pages that shows all the great things they provide
  • Create a custom contact form where people can reach them
  • Integrate downloadable pdf documents so they don’t have to mail them out

Location: Xenia, Ohio

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