Hello! I’m Jeff Long and I’ve been working with companies since 2003 by helping them increase their sales, grow their companies, market their products/services and effectively teach, all while using the power of my proven digital marketing strategies. My digital marketing agency has worked with local, national and international companies, and I’m confident that I can use these same success strategies to help your company.

Providing Successful Digital Marketing Strategies since 2003

I will work you to determine your goals and craft a customized strategy using digital marketing strategies. In our strategy sessions, we will discuss opportunities to leverage the power of cutting-edge digital marketing! Your plan may include some of the following as we walk through over 50 different proven strategies. Are you leveraging the power of your website, video marketing, lead magnets, eLearning, livestreaming, podcasting, social media, mobile marketing and other strategies? If not, I can help.

Are you harnessing the power of digital marketing to its fullest yet?

  1. Using video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% – EyeView
  2. Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines – Brightcove
  3. 96% of B2B buyers want website content with more input from industry thought leaders. – Demand Gen Report
  4. Corporations save between 50% and 70% when they replace instructor-based training with eLearning – IOMA
  5. Podcast listeners are affluent: 16% have an annual household income of $150K or more, compared to 10% of the general U.S. population. – Salesforce

Trusted By These Companies (and many more)

My training workshops include:

  • Digital marketing: How to leverage your website using the power of video, website optimization, lead magnets, funnels, podcasting, paid ads, media marketing (and more) to drive growth, build your audience and increase your revenue.
  • Video: Building a video marketing strategy to help you better market, teach and, sell. We’ll go through our 50-point checklist of ways to use video in your business and find the ones that best meet your objectives and create a plan for you to use video in your business.  I will also provide strategies to help you to create video internally and recommendations on how to do it professionally.
  • eLearning/online training/courses: Your website should be a learning center and you should be using the power of eLearning both internally and externally.  This helps streamline consistent training, build your leads and save money. I will show you how to build an eLearning platform, create effective training content, how to make effective course videos, what Learning Management System to use, how to save time/money by using eLearning and how to connect it all to your email marketing platform to get leads.
  • Website & online marketing: Does your website get leads, market and sell your products and services effectively 24/7? I will show you my proven system to do all these using tools like lead magnets, funnels, SEO, podcasting, video marketing and more. My strategy will make your website work for you.
  • Business: How to get more clients, sell more often to them and sell at a higher rate.
  • Other topics include: Business, leadership, entrepreneurship, startups, Facebook Ads.

Jeff is a true professional. Not only does he have the technical expertise to be at the top of his field but he also has the vision to understands the components that make a business work.

Dan Miller – New York Times bestselling author

Facts about Jeff Long

  • I have been to all 50 of the United States and 5 continents for work, pleasure and serving non-profits.
  • As a sought out speaker, Jeff regularly speaks about topics he loves such as business, eLearning/online courses, video, website optimization, and marketing.
  • He listens to Christmas music throughout most of the year!
  • Jeff’s parents are college professors and have been educators their whole lives, so he loves projects that teach using the power of blended learning, video and “gamification”.