Create videos from the unicorns of your content marketing

Looking at the content on your website and social media, what unicorns do you see?

What content is getting the most views, comments, clicks, and ROI?

Then create similar content about that same topic.

Or create different types of media around the same content.

Have a blog that’s performing well? Create a video about the same topic.

Do you have a white paper that gets lots of clicks? Create a podcast about it.

Pick your top 10 “unicorns” and create videos for each one. It will showcase your expertise, build trust and help increase sales.

Additionally, create a blog for each video and write an article along with it. Then post this on your YouTube channel and social media.

Also, put a link to it in your email signature line.

Lastly, think about any other places where your ideal customers are and put the video content there.

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