Create Videos From the Unicorns of Your Content Marketing

Unicorns are more than just mythical creatures that grace the life of many children when they are younger. Unicorns are also part of your business. Unicorns are those things about your business that are unique, that help you stand out, and that you do not see every day. Above all, unicorns are something magical. This video is focused on those magical unicorns that are already posted on your company’s website and social media channels in video form.

Tip #1: Find Your Unicorns

To discover your unicorn, look at the statistics, see which videos are getting the most views, and separate themselves from the others. Perhaps it is not one video but a topic that has garnered lots of attention; create more content around this topic to gain further interest in your product or company. This may not be something you think would create interest, like customer questions, problem-solving, or a specific product, but find your unicorn.

Tip #2: Identify What is Gaining the Most Attraction

Look at all your online content and determine what areas are getting the most views or comments. Search for the top 10-20 percent to start with in building additional content. If views or comments are unreliable, then look at which content provides the most leads for your company. Use the standard that you are most comfortable with to make the determination. Then, create additional content. For example, if people are asking a specific question or responding to a specific question often, then create a video to address the question properly. If one topic creates multiple leads, then reframe and re-present the content to draw more people into the conversation.                

If you are unsure how to present something in a new manner, try presenting the opposite of what you wrote or the video created. Be willing to play devil’s advocate with your content and present the opposite opinion. This may sound counterproductive, but it will show potential customers or leads that you are open and willing to share both sides of things. For example, if you created a blog sharing five common tips, try sharing five common problems with the same product or type of work. This is not a smear or negative video, but one that shows all sides of an issue. Be creative while still being similar.


Unicorns are already present in your company’s online presence, so use them to further your advantage over the competition. The goal is to show how well-rounded and well-informed your company or organization is in its presentation. Potential customers want to know you know your company and products and are willing to share all you know with them. So, go search for your unicorns and build more content around them. You will not be disappointed. Let me know how it goes and what your unicorns are for your company.

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