Creative and Professional

A lot of times our clients want both. This is sometimes very difficult to achieve. We just recently finished a video project with Cardinal Solutions in Columbus, OH. We started with sketching out 2 different options on shooting their video. One of the options was highly creative, and the other was a little more toned down. We would always favor the highly creative options with our clients, but they sometimes hesitate to pull the trigger. Once we agreed on concept we began the filming project. We shot their project on a Canon 5D Mark II. This is part of a line of DSLR cameras that shoot in the highest quality of HD 1080p.

During the project our client changed their mind on what they wanted from the film several times. It got to a point where the direction of the project had shifted enough that the footage that we had wasn’t going to be enough. Mid way through we had to come up with a creative solution in order to not have to get more footage, and go outside of their budget. Through some after effects and some editing we were able to come up with a creative solution that they were happy with. In the end Cardinal was very pleased with the final result and it met the creative and professional balance that they wanted.

We always get a concept approved before we move forward with anyone. This was an example of someone wanting to go outside of the concept after we had already filmed. We never want to go over budget, but more importantly we always want the client to be proud to show their video to everyone (after all, that is the point isn’t it?). With our knowledge of Post-Production, and the tools we have in place we were able to work with them to create a great video without having to raise their cost. Here is an example of the video that they posted on their YouTube channel:

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