Creative ways to use video in your business

Want to use video more effectively? Here are just a few (45 to be exact) examples of ways that you can use video to market, promote, sell, inform and train. These 45 ways are just a start. We also included our customized 3 part video marketing strategy and our recommended video steps to maximize your ROI. You might be surprised at the types of videos we recommend starting with (many of them are very cost effective). There are countless more ways to maximize the impact of your video by using video. Fill in your info below and you’ll be able to download out free PDF report.

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The Video Marketing Playbook

  • Our 3 Part Video Marketing Strategy
  • Our Video Marketing Process
  • 45 Ways to Use Video in Your Business




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73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video. In this eBook you’ll learn about the best tips to use that will help you best market, sell and teach.