Why a Dayton, Ohio company should use video

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Everyone knows that video is vitally important to anyone in the Dayton, Ohio area and beyond. But most people don’t realize just how important it really is. While many companies think that video is a luxury or something that they don’t need, other companies have found the “keys to the kingdom” by using video in both simple and complex ways.

Here are some simple ways that local companies in the Miami Valley are using video, and why you should start using video in your own business.

5 Simple Uses of Video

  1. FAQ videos – take common questions and build a video series that you can put on Youtube and your website
  2. Review Video – want to review a product? Make a simple video and post it
  3. Software walkthrough – demonstrate your software by showing the benefits that it brings. See example here
  4. Testimonials – You probably have many happy customers. Get their thoughts on camera so you can promote it to the world. See an example here
  5. Expo/Trade Show Interviews – Grab a smartphone or personal video camera and interview people at the next expo or trade show you attend. It’s an easy way to meet prospective clients or customers.

Do you want to take your marketing, sales, training, and promotions to the next level by using video? Here are some more advanced ways to use video in your business.

5 Effective ways to use video

  1. Promo video – Make a video once that promotes your products or services and allow it to continue to promote, even while you sleep. You will be amazed at who sees your videos and the potential that it brings. See an example here
  2. Sales videos – Do you make the same calls to prospects? You could have a video that does the hard work of explaining the process, even before you call or talk to prospects. Plus, by putting it on your website, Youtube and other sites, you can be selling your products and services 24/7. See example here and here
  3. Internal training – Why not put your training and onboarding process on video and create an eLearning course where you can monitor the progress while they complete the training.
  4. TV Commercial – Do you need to reach a wide local audience? Perhaps you just need to reach Dayton, Ohio, or maybe you also have customers in Mason or as far south as Cincinnati. Producing a TV commercial might be your best approach.
  5. Marketing video – Every company needs to market themselves, their products or services. A marketing video will

If you don’t have a videographer within your marketing department that can produce these videos for you, please consider True Focus Media for your video needs. We would love to be your video company and help you strategize ways to use video, media, your website or eLearning to “focus your message to your market, through media”. We help companies streamline their business, training, marketing and promotions to find ways to save money, increase sales and grow their business.

Why You Should Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy

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