Dayton Superior’s Top-Cast Decorative Finish System Demonstration Videos

True Focus Media has had the honor of working with Dayton Superior on many videos, graphic design, and multimedia projects.

The Goal Of This Dayton Superior Video

When Dayton Superior approached us about this idea, they knew they wanted to create one main video that showcased their product line. But they also wanted shorter versions that just promoted one product. This is something we recommend and look for ways to get more ROI out of a video. The more content we can create from one project, the better.

The Outcomes of the Dayton Superior Sales Videos

We produced 6 high-quality videos for them. The marketing team is able to use these videos in their email campaigns, on their website, in social media campaigns, at tradeshows, in PowerPoints, and much more.

The video on YouTube has over 7,000 views on YouTube alone!

The salespeople are able to use these videos to generate leads, send to customers and distributors before a sales call, or as a leave-behind after a call. They also use these on social media to demonstrate their products and showcase their expertise.


Do you have videos showcasing your products? They boost SEO, promote your company and allow you to market and sell 27/7. We make it easy by helping you along the way so you can get the best possible video content. Not only that but we help you with ideas on where to distribute your videos so you can maximize the ROI. Contact us for more information.

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