Exit Row Productions hired to film training video series

We love it when strangers find our site through a Google search. It shows us that our site is optimized well (and something we can do for our clients when we build their website). At the beginning of January, I picked up the phone and someone was asking about an all day training series that was going on in the Dayton/Greater Miami Valley area. They were going to have people fly in from all over the country to attend this important training. Not only were people going to be there in person, but their would also be a live internet video stream. This company wanted us to film the sessions for the live stream but also edit them together for both DVD versions and web versions for their website.

In the past, they had used one camera, but quickly found that two cameras would add another way to keep the otherwise, dry training a bit more easy to view. We love it when people have the vision to use video in this capacity. First, Think about how much money they saved by doing a live internet video stream! They had people in other countries, who obviously couldn’t make the meeting, as well as those that were in far away States. These people didn’t have to fly into town, but could watch online. Secondly, this company had enough vision to have us edit down the footage into manageable videos that will be on their website in the coming weeks.  That way, if people couldn’t watch the live video stream, they could always watch it on demand.  This means that everyone could get updated on the news, no matter where they were, or when they could view it.

How could you use video to save money, inform, update, market, and promote?  The ideas are endless.  We love hearing from our clients on how our videos helped them.  And we love working with new companies to create a video solution.  Perhaps it’s a marketing campaign, training videos, web video series, product videos, video FAQs, or customer interviews.  The ideas are endless.

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