Exit Row Productions interviews key personel for annual review video

In early February, we were hired to film 3 interviews for a client of ours.  They are preparing an annual review banquet, where a video will be a part of their festivities.  What better way to show what happened the previous year than through a video that explains all the exciting things that happened.  We’re glad this Dayton based company doesn’t listen to all the bad talk about the economy or the area…they’re doing just fine, thank you.

Boring slide shows are a thing of the past with the interactive elements of a review video.  Think of everything you can put into a video!  We can add some interactivity and motion graphics to a boring Powerpoint presentation or photo slideshow.

The reason it’s good to get interviews through video, is that they can be edited down to a reasonable length.  This banquet has a schedule and it’s better to have concise video pieces rather than having each board member get up and talk at length.  Those in attendance only hear the important aspects, and not all the details that come to mind when each person is speaking live.

Do you have an annual review meeting or banquet?  Let Exit Row Productions put together a high quality video that recaps everything that happened.  We can work with you on scripting, concepting, interviews, production and post-production.  We can do it all, or work with you on each aspect.

Let us know how we can help you with your next annual review meeting or banquet.  973-673-8450

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