Exit Row Productions produced a Zig Ziglar tribute video that is regarded as one of the best videos ever made for the Ziglar Company

A few weeks ago, we produced a tribute video to Zig Ziglar.  Zig is widely regarded as the best author, speaker and sales coach in the last 60 years.  He has written books (like See You At The Top), produced audio series and countless training videos.  The tribute video that Exit Row Productions produced wasn’t our flashiest, but it did strike a cord with the Ziglar family and all those who knew Zig personally.  We worked with David Wright and Clancy Cross on the scripting and concept which laid the foundation for an emotional video.  The script was taken from Zig’s first book titled, “Buscuits, Fleas and Pump Handles”, which later became the book, “See You At The Top”.

We love the fact that one of our videos made it all the way to the corporate headquarters of the Ziglar company in Plano, Texas and “everyone was moved to tears”.  Zig has had an influence on our company and it means a lot that this video had an influence on the folks at Ziglar.

We had the priviledge of meeting Tom at a recent event in Columbus, Ohio and got to sit in an all day seminar with him and other business owners.  Several times Tom said many kinds words about us and our video.

Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc, Tweeted us and thanked us for the video we created.

Tom Ziglar also said in a video testimonial (see below),

We’ve done hundreds or thousands of videos through the years of Ziglar and this is easily in the top five of any that we’ve done, as far as impact.

You can see his video testimonial here:


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