Flex & Friends with Jeff Long

I had a really good time being on Flex and Friends with Eddie Saunders Jr. He brings high energy and is one of the go-to people in all of manufacturing. His live podcast is one of the best and most helpful around for manufacturers.

He had me on the show to talk about practical strategies to get more leads, boost SEO, and increase leads.

We talk about what Video Value Bombs are and how to look at your unicorns and elephants for the perfect content. 🦄 +🐘 = 🎥💰💣

We also talked about eLearning and training all the opportunities that manufacturers have to be more efficient and effective with it.

I’ve been looking forward to being on his show since we booked it a while back. It’s an honor to share my story and give manufacturers practical tips on how to improve their marketing, sales, and training. There are so many opportunities and I hope more manufacturers start taking advantage of all that’s out there to be more efficient and effective with these solutions.

Check out the link below or button above to the entire show where I give more tips, including “why using Elephants will help your marketing/sales”

Watch the Video Show here

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