How an eLearning company used a promo video

The Goal Of This eLearning Video Promo

eSpark Learning is based out of Chicago, Illinois and helps school districts use iPads and eLearning software to teach students in a more customized way. eSpark wanted to showcase how the Beavercreek, Ohio schools are using eSpark apps to create customized learning experiences for their students. This video was used to show the success of the program to other schools in the district. It is also on home page of the eSparks website to promote eSpark’s services.

We loved this project since we are passionate about eLearning projects that truly teach and we can say based on the testimonies of the teacher and administration at the Beavercreek, Ohio schools, that eSpark has a great platform and service they provide schools. Not only was this video project a success at the local level but has also been shown to other school districts in Ohio and nationally. It is pretty cool to see students excited about learning and the iPad’s and software helped facilitate that.

The Video Process


image of a behind the scenes video shoot
behind the scenes of the video shoot

We worked with eSpark to refine the questions that would be asked to the teachers and administration for the on-camera testimonials portion, which would drive the narrative of the video. We offered recommendations to improve the interview process and make it easier for those in front of the camera. Since there were 2 schools involved, we scheduled the best time to interview everyone as well as when the best time to come into the classrooms to get b-roll footage.


Since we had a tight schedule to keep, we used one HD camera with several specialized lenses to give us a great image and a lapel mic to get crystal clear audio.  Once we were done with the interviews we came into the classrooms to see how the students were using the iPad’s and software. Since we had to be mobile, we used a one person crew and kept the amount of equipment lightweight so we can move between classrooms easily.


During the post-production phase we worked closely with eSpark to make sure the message they wanted to convey was coming through in the video. It was our goal to keep the video long enough to convey the key messaging but short enough to hold the viewer’s attention. We used our experience to cut the testimonial footage together with the b-roll footage.

Why every eLearning company should use video

  1. Promote your eLearning software or services with a promotional video similar to how eSpark does. What better way to show the life-change that their software brings about? eSpark uses videos throughout their website and in their marketing strategy to not only show what their software does, but demonstrate the value that it provides. By showing the value and lifechange, it makes it easy to sell the software.
  2. It doesn’t matter if you are a company who teaches your employees internally or if you’re a company who specializes in the eLearning industry, video has been shown to increase engagement and aid in the learning process. Why not add videos to your LMS or course structure?
  3. Use videos to showcase your eLearning software using video walkthroughs. This can be used to instruct the user or help minimize questions. Show them what to do through a video and they’ll know how to operate the software.

We are seeing more eLearning companies turn to videos to teach, promote, sell, and market. They can even be used with eLearning content internally to train employees or students. If you would like to learn more about how video can help you more effectively teach, reduce costs of your training, boost your Google rankings and increase sales, then give us a call today. We would love to hear your needs and give our recommendations on how you can best use video.

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