How Content Marketing Can Generate Demand And Leads For Manufacturers

Let’s talk about the power of VIDEO CONTENT and LEAD GEN

According to a recent report by Content Marketing Institute, video content can help generate demand and leads.

I’ve seen the power of how video content can be a lead generator with many of the companies I work with.

I get it, you might have a complex sales process and a sophisticated buyer. But how can you build your list of leads across multiple platforms? It’s possible and your competitors are already doing it.

What can you give away that would be so beneficial that your ideal buyer would give you their name and email?

Here are just some of the things that have worked with the companies we serve:
✅ White papers
✅ Spec sheets
✅ Case studies
✅ Checklists
✅ Technical Data Sheets

It’s easy to just focus on creating a company promo video or maybe some product demos.

But I’m seeing regular video content marketing give a better ROI compared with the old one-and-done model of creating one big marketing video.

Think about topics that YOUR audience cares about. Create videos around those topics and occasionally offer a download in some of the videos (not all). Give value enough times that you earn the right to ask for something.

For manufacturing companies, using video content can be the ultimate tool to generate demand and increase leads.

But it doesn’t stop there! Video content has the incredible potential to reach a broader audience across various platforms, from LinkedIn to YouTube to your website and beyond. By strategically distributing your video content, you can amplify your company’s reach and attract new leads 24/7, 365.

So, if you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level, it’s time to harness the power of video content! Let’s collaborate to create compelling video assets that captivate your audience, generate demand, and ultimately, drive more leads to your manufacturing business.

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