How Manufacturers Can Break Into Emerging Markets and Get More Sales

Is your company trying to break into an emerging market? Or, do you have a new product you’re rolling out?

It can be hard to break into something new. Here’s a solution that you should consider.

We all know that your ideal buyer, customer, channel partner, or end-user has questions that they’re trying to get answered. They also have problems they’re trying to solve.

Gartner Research says that 72% of B2B buyers FULLY do their research online before reaching out to a salesperson.

Does YOUR company have enough content to answer their questions and solve their problems? Or does your competitor have all the content? Whoever wins this battle will most likely capture the attention of your ideal customer.

We all know that most people would rather watch video content as part of their research into a solution. So it’s key that you have customer-centric video content.

Video content helps you boost your SEO, get more page views, showcase your expertise and demonstrate your products.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating short videos that answer your customer’s questions.

Shoot me a message if you don’t have a Video Value Bombs strategy in place and want help with setting it up and implementing it each month.

If your company can create this type of content then go for it. But if not, reach out to me and I can share with you how videos, articles, and other content can help you showcase your products, boost SEO, & increase leads.

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