How much is a video worth? – Video

We all know that video is important, but do you know how much a video is actually worth? The video below outlines just how vital using video. Don’t take our word for it, just look at the booming statistics that show the explosion of video.

A video helps with:

[list style=”style1″]
[li]Building trust[/li]
[li]Improve your SEO (Google Rankings)[/li]
[li]Extending engagement (especially versus a text based website)[/li]
[li]Effective teaching and training[/li]
[li]Showing your products (much more effectively than photos can do)[/li]
[li]Telling your story[/li]
[li]Sharing your company’s history and vision[/li]
[li]Marketing your services[/li]
[li]Increase time on your website[/li]

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