How to replicate your top manufacturing salespeople with video content

Most people will not be shocked to discover that many manufacturers have had an obvious decline in trade show opportunities in the last few years. This has forced those in the industry to pursue other forms of media to sell their products, train employees, and reach out to new potential customers. The best way to do this is through the use of videos.

If you are one of many in the manufacturing game and looking for new and creative ways to automate part of your business, then True Focus Media can help. This is not a replacement tool for valued employees, but a way to increase their reach and expand your business exponentially. So, what do we do to help? We help manufacturers with their website and video marketing in unique ways to expand their reach.

Times are changing and technology is front and center to those changes. Learn some helpful hints and ways to utilize technology to benefit your company and maximize what you already possess: skill, ability, and a strong staff.

Tip 1: Duplicate Your Sales Team

I am not suggesting cloning, but a digital copy of your top employees. This is simple to do over video and can easily be posted to a number of online platforms to increase the number of times potential customers get to know your company and products.

All it takes is a camera and your employees’ honest answers to some basic questions. Ask your top associate or two what is working for them and record the answer as they share. This can be posted for customers, used for training new sales team members, and improving your overall company. It really is that simple.

The best part is, tour videos can draw in customers and increase sales, 24/7. This also allows your team to continue working online, even when your business is closed for the day.

Tip 2: Customer Testimonials

Top customers are often the best salesmen because they already appreciate your product. Using the same video strategy, I can help you record customer testimonials about how your products or services have changed their businesses. Many customers will also share about customer service and how well the company took care of any issues that did arise. This is wonderful for drawing in new customers to the business.

Tip 3: Teaching Strategies

Just as your sales team can be duplicated to create an online presence, top salespeople can be videoed to be used for teaching techniques to new employees. Record team members demonstrating how to reach out, interact and connect with others as a form of training new salespeople. These videos can be used company-wide to teach, train, and build the strongest sales force possible.

The best part is that this is not limited to the sales team, but can be used to teach steps in production, customer service, installation, safety, and much more. Using the power of video makes connecting with people around the world much easier and more cost-effective.

Tip 4: Sharing Products

Manufacturing is largely about innovation and then a process that is fine-tuned over time. Using video to showcase new products, brainstorm ideas, and share with the group is simple and effective. 

Use videos to introduce your ideal customers to new products and demonstrate their use or use within a company or organization to demonstrate a product design and changes that are expected. The best part about training videos like this is they can be used repeatedly for new employees.

Tip 5: Production Stages

This one may sound silly, but if you want people to remember your company and products, show certain steps of the production that others find interesting. Many people enjoy watching YouTube videos of manufacturing of nearly anything, especially when heavy machinery is involved. The intimate connection to how a product is made and the steps from a single part to the finished product can draw people to certain companies.

These tips are just a small piece of the automated video marketing strategy that gets leads for your company and products. Part of our Video Value Bombs strategy is to distribute the videos to up to 40 places in order to receive the best results. We can help make this process easy.

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