How to stand out by creating custom content for your upcoming trade shows

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Creating Custom Content for Upcoming Trade Shows

A trade show can be a wonderful way to appeal to new customers whether your company has been around for years or is just starting out. Most companies will put out a few products at the shows, possibly showcase something new and innovative, and then hand their business cards out to passersby. Some may take the step of having people provide their email and other contact information to be sent news about the company or special. What if you could take things a bit further and start drawing people in before the trade show? Thankfully, I can provide some pointers for getting the most out of your next tradeshow.

Prepare Ahead of Time

As mentioned, most companies spent a great deal of time and money traveling, setting up, and talking with prospective customers at trade shows. Then the same people must tear down and travel back home with only a few solid leads and many others that are questionable. This is a lot of work for little reward. If you are willing to do a bit of prep work in a different way then those brochures, fancy booths, and business cards will have more of an impact. This is important because Gartner research shows that 72% of B2B buyers will do research before speaking to a vendor or salesperson. 

Part of your preparation will be to create website content. This content will be directed at the customers, but be in heavy relation to the trade show. All videos, articles, and pictures should include the information about the tradeshow. Take the time to create a video about preparing for the tradeshow and include a link to the trade show page as well as the time, location, and date of the event. Try out some videos of products being used and showcase these same products at the event. Go as far as writing articles about the experience, the company, and the products offered. These can mention sales, but should be more customer-focused. All of this should be made available on your website ahead of time.

During the Trade Show

In keeping with the theme of being customer-centered, keep the photos and videos going while at the tradeshow. Share the setup process, interactions with customers, and any fun events that may draw people out. These can be shared easily on your website to get people interested. After the show closes for the first day, go out and share your positive experiences with the town, with show organizers, and during any special events that are still to come. In every photo or vlog make sure to mention the name of the show, the location, and the times. If a potential customer asks a question or has a concern, talk to that customer and then post online about these common issues or even industry trends that have been made clear.

After the Trade Show

Following the trade show post a quick thank you video to those who stopped by your booth. Share what a wonderful experience was had during the show and most of all, share how you hope to go again. If other trade shows are already scheduled, create a list of places your company will be represented.

The numerous posts and videos will help your company to be well presented and customer friendly when people look you up online, which they will, and more likely to attend future shows. This is a simple process that will only take a few minutes each day, but the returns will be much higher than the old school process of just handing out business cards.

If you need help setting up a website, posting videos, or simply getting started on creating a web presence, contact me.

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