How Using Videos In Your Email Newsletters

Most companies have email newsletters. But are they effective?

You know you need to be reaching out to your customers on a regular basis but you struggle with creating or gathering enough content each month to put in the newsletter.

Why not include a video talking about industry trends, problems your customers have, and how your products and services solve their problems?

Studies show that people would rather watch a short video than read an article so this is the perfect opportunity to leverage the power of video.

According to Campaign Monitor, Having videos in your newsletters:
✅ Increase click rates by 65%
✅ Reduce unsubscribe rates by 26%
✅ Increase open rates by 19%

Here are a few different types of videos you can put in your newsletters:
⭐️ Showcase your expertise by answering common questions
⭐️ Talk about industry trends
⭐️ Demonstrate a product of the month
⭐️ Tell a customer success story
⭐️ Highlight an employee of the month

What other type of video content have you seen in email newsletters?

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