How Video FAQs can help your SEO and customers

We get asked a lot for ideas on how to best utilize video. This is an easy, and enjoyable, topic for us since there are so many ways to use the power of video. Since Google LOVES video and gives your website a higher ranking if it has video, it makes sense to harness the power of video for your company.

One of the ways Google rewards websites by ranking them on the first page is by how long the website has been online. So a website that has been online for years will generally do better than a brand new website. The same is true for videos. Google will probably give better SEO (Search Engine Optimization, aka Google Ranking) to relevant videos that have been online a while. So, to help your SEO, it makes sense to produce as many videos as you can. Plus, if you put these videos on Youtube, which we recommend, you will harness the power of the #2 website in the world which will greatly help your SEO.

Why use Video FAQ One of the easiest ways to get lots of video content online is to create Video FAQs. I’m sure your company gets the same questions over and over from customers and clients. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have videos with a short answer to each individual question? You could set up a single shooting location and have the department managers/VPs answer common questions. Imagine the video library you could have on your website and how that would help your customers and clients. Plus, Google would great reward your website since you have all those videos.

Keep in mind that any video you produce should have the same professional quality as your other marketing materials. You wouldn’t leave your logo design, website development or print publications up to the intern.

If you would like to talk about the best ways to utilize videos and how a Video FAQ strategy could greatly help your customers, clients AND your Google rankings, then give us a call. We would love to listen to your needs and share ideas on how to maximize the power of video.

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