Improve Your Sales With These 2 Tips

Hey salesperson. Are you a secret agent?

Do your prospects know you? Do the decision-makers know you?

I find that some salespeople are still doing old sales strategies but getting worse results.

Imagine if more people knew you, saw your expertise, and could virtually see your products? Don’t you think you’d get more leads and sales?

By showcasing your expertise you are building trust. You’re showing them that you ARE the expert. And that you can help solve their problems.

By demonstrating your products you can create a 24/7 sales process that helps give your customers the info they need on THEIR time.

The best ways to do this are with videos but also consider blogs, case studies, white papers, infographics, podcasts, and more.

Showcase your expertise by talking about:

✅ Common problems your customers see and how to solve them

✅ Industry trends and where you see things going in the future

✅ Answer frequently asked questions

✅ Talk about the pros/cons of your products. Believe it or not, you’ll gain much more respect and trust if you address the elephants in the room.

Demonstrate your products:

✅ Show all aspects of the setup, safety, teardown, wash-down, and any other aspects of your products.

✅ Talk about different scenarios when your products helped your customer save the day.

✅ Make videos and photos of shipments going out. It shows activity and you can name-drop some customers or applications that your products are going towards.

✅ Show a product from configurator to shipping. This could be a cool video that your customers can see it throughout the production process.

In what ways are you showcasing your expertise and demonstrating your products?

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