Improve Your Website With a Quote Calculator

Don’t you like it when you’re looking to buy something and it’s easy to get details about it and its pricing?

Then why do some manufacturers make it difficult?

I totally get it. Some products are highly customized. Or you have competitors that would love to get your pricing. Or, you have arrangements with your distributors that make it difficult/impossible to post pricing.

But…what if you experimented with one of your products and created a custom quote calculator?

I’ve worked with companies that went against the norm and put a quote calculator on their website.

And you know what? Their sales didn’t plummet. Their competition didn’t swallow them whole.

Do you know what did happen? Their customers got the information and a general price range on THEIR own time (like Friday at 11 pm). Imagine the thought.

So…do you have a product you could experiment with?

Let me know if you need help creating a custom quote calculator on your website. We not only build amazing websites but also create custom stuff like quote calculators.

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