Is 2013 the year of video?

At Exit Row Productions, we’ve seen a huge growth of video in the past several years.  We saw a huge change about 4 years ago when most of our projects went from physical formats via DVDs to digital delivery formats on the web.  Granted, there is still a need for DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, but many clients of our prefer to have a digital version that can go on their website, YouTube or other online outlets.  This has made video even more accessible with the popularity of smart phones and tablets.  When we first started our company 10 years ago we would bring a portable DVD player to our client’s offices.  Now, we just bring an iPad and show the videos this way.

We have seen a huge increase in video because of its popularity and accessibility and think that 2013 will continue to bring the rapid increase of businesses, organizations, and startups utilizing video.  How do you plan on using video in your business?  Make sure to sign up for our FREE ebook that shows 45 Ways to Use Video to Market, Promote, Sell, Inform and Train.  It’s a great resource that is sure to give you lots of ideas on how to use video in your business.

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