Is Viral video your best marketing strategy?

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably seen a lot of viral videos, especially during the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the original viral video machine which predates YouTube and current web video sensations. Viral video can be a good thing, but should it be the focus of your business video strategy? At Exit Row Productions, we think a more balanced approach is necessary. We’re not apposed to Viral video, in fact, we jump at the chance to use our creativity in videos. However, many companies want to have a viral video but don’t focus on a larger (and more important) strategy. Viral video is like the story of the tortoise and the hare. Viral video may seem fast and appealing, but we recommend a long term strategy using multiple types of video in your marketing tactics.

The Rules Have Changed

In 2012, Google came out with several large changes to their search algorithm. No longer can you pay for Google rankings or hope to get to the front page by simply having a website. Google recommends that you continually have new and relevant content added to your website. Google has consistently shown that one of the best methods of getting higher in the search rankings is by using video (which is one of the many reasons we LOVE video).

The funny thing about viral video is that it really can’t be a guaranteed success.  There are popular elements to most viral videos (kids, humor, animals, etc), but even companies that spend millions of dollars aren’t guaranteed a successful viral video.  Think of all the Super Bowl commercials that you’ve already forgotten about?  Perhaps some of the companies should have spent less money on a single commercial and focussed on a long term strategy.

Exit Row Productions’ Recommended Video Strategy

We recommend having a series of videos that you can steadily “drip” online which will gain the attention of both Google and your target market. This will show your customers that you have new and relevant content and Google will reward you by moving you higher in the search rankings.

So instead of thinking only about a single viral video, perhaps you should think about having a long term video strategy. We’ve seen the power that video can bring and know it will help greatly help your bottom line.

11 Ways to Use Video in Your Business

During each month this year we will be sharing 11 ways to use video in your business. We will cover topics like how to use customer testimonials, video FAQs, training videos and much more. If you find these short articles helpful, please use the social sharing buttons below to email or share them.  We want to spread the word about the possibilities of video for your business.  We love helping people utilize video to help promote, market, train and inform and want to spread the message.

Viral Video Example…”Buyral”

If you want a Viral Video and want to garantee that someone can make a successful for you, then check out this video.

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