Lighting tips for video sales calls, Zoom, Webinars & Video Value Bombs

So, you have jumped into the world of posting online videos to help grow your company or organization? Congratulations on making a choice that will benefit the company and customers by streamlining many processes and creating information that is easily accessible. Whether you want to create more video content this year and need to increase the quality or simply improve your online meetings and calls, it all comes down to a few simple techniques with lighting. Luckily, I am here to help you improve video quality.

True Focus Media has produced both high-end, big-budget, and simple content marketing videos over the years. The one thing that is crucial no matter the content or budget, is lighting. This article will share how to create the lighting necessary to create the most engaging, high-quality videos to help your business.

Video Usage

According to CSO Insights, 70% of buyers fully define their needs prior to engaging with a sales representative. Most of these buyers are searching for helpful video content that shows the products they require, answers specific questions, offers simple tips, and more. This means it is up to you to create enough video content to satisfy the demand of your customers. To know whether you are meeting this standard, think about how much information you take in through video format. Whether you are consuming content on LinkedIn, websites, YouTube, or social media, video is part of the package. This does not account for all the time spent on Zoom, sales calls, and Teams meetings. There are numerous stories of manufacturers that have created video content that has boosted sales and made sales calls much easier. These same videos have helped them showcase expertise and demonstrate product usage to leapfrog over the competition.

Why Focus On Lighting in Videos

The importance of videos has been established, but have you ever considered how much lighting affects the quality of a video? If a video has too many shadows, poor lighting, or even too much light, the video quality does not reflect well on the product or company. While it can be easy to brush something as simple as lighting off, it is actually a critical component. This is especially true if you are doing sales calls that promote your company and products. As we start a new season, think about creating more video content and focus on lighting to improve video quality.

As you start to improve your video quality with lighting, consider checking out my videos on audio quality and camera positioning. As always, I am here to help if you need further guidance.

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