Marketing through kindness

I thought of a crazy idea the other day while driving.

We’ve all seen people stranded on the side of the road. I’ve stopped to help a few but there are always time where I’d like to do more. What if a company made it their mission to help these people that are in trouble. Imagine, a company with vehicles that had their name plastered on the side of the van, that helped people on a regular basis? Wouldn’t that put a huge positive impression on both the person that was helped and all the passers by? Now, I know that this company couldn’t help everyone and maybe they started off just helping one person per week. Perhaps the owner would even get involved and pay the employee that stopped to help someone in need. I’m not talking a lot of money but enough to make it worth the employees time.

So, you have a boss who wants to help people and you have someone stranded that needs help. And even more, you have hundreds of passers by that notice the company van helping people.  By helping that person change a tire or take them to get gas, you will instill in people’s mind that you are there to help. And who do you think people will call when they need your service?  Would it be the company that helps people in their most vulnerable time, or a company that is selected at random from the phone book or online?

What a great way to help people while softly marketing to the masses.  It’s crazy but it just might work.

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