New eLearning website for Calcasp

photo of WebsiteWe were recently approached by a California Accessibility company (“California Certified Accessibility Specialists”) called CalCasp.  What drew us them was that they not only put on regular in person classes, but they also make available ebooks, and online courses.  Since eLearning and training is one of our passions, we feel in love with the project quickly. needed a website that combined 3 of their current sites into one, as they used some outdated websites and blogging platforms.  We were able to combine all their websites into one main hub where they could promote their training classes and eLearning products.  They had previously been paying a monthly fee for a third party service that handled much of their e-commerce.  We were able to integrate an e-commerce system into their new website that didn’t have any monthly fees.  We like saving our clients money!  They also needed a website that was Responsive and viewable on any browser or device.

We really liked working with them and are excited to see the sales numbers rise now that they have a website is viewable on any device (smart phone, tablet & computer).  This helps their customers easily access content, purchase courses and get their compliance training.  They now have a website met their goals and is able to move them forward with a flexible CMS so they can add more training and eLearning products in the future.

Get more info about this project here.

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