New video for Dan Miller and 48days

We have had the privilege of knowing Dan Miller, the famous author, speaker and entrepreneur for several years. In a recent post we told you about the Innovate Conference and the calibre of speakers there.  We were asked to produce a video that would showcase the creation of a custom eagle.  Dan Miller loves the eagle for its symbolism and beauty and has them all over his office.

We were able to spend a few days filming Scott Stearman who has created sculptures for the CEO of Chic-Fil-a as well as many other reputable organizations.  Scott taught me a lot about the creative process that he takes.  This same philosophy also applies to the creative process we take when we produce a video, website or eLearning product.  He is very accomplished and it was a privilege meeting him and seeing his creative process.

Lessons learned while producing this video:

[list style=”style1″]
[li]The start of the project always looks ugly (like an “ugly chicken’)[/li]
[li]You have to be confident in the creative process that it will turn out to be a “soaring eagle”[/li]
[li]Art, along with video, web and eLearning is a process and can rarely be scripted[/li]

I was very encouraged by Scott’s wisdom about the creative process and how this sculpture went from an “ugly chicken” to a soaring eagle. The same applies to the video editing process. We usually start out with a lot of footage, ideas and a direction. We also have to be confident in our creative experience that each video we produce will turn into a soaring eagle.

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