Why online reviews are vital to any real estate agent

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Too many people undervalue the importance of the online community that is growing ever larger. Many real estate agents haven’t thought about online reviews, much less have they used their good reviews to their advantage. Here are some ways to leverage online reviews and the stats of how important they truly are.

How to leverage online reviews:

  • Ask your positive reviews to also give you a video testimonial. If they took it upon themselves to write a review, they will probably want to give you a video review that you can use in your marketing as well as put it online like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Create a referral system that rewards people who send you clients. The people that I wrote an online review are your “Raving fans”. Why not incentivize them and make them your voluntary sales team by reporting them for sending potential clients your way.
  • Find people that have given you positive reviews and send them a gift card as a small thank you. Then they will be more likely to send people your way and give you a video testimonial as well.
  • Contact the people to give you a negative review and see how you convince a relationship. Potentially you can pick get them back on your side and modify the negative review to show that you truly care about people.

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