Promo Video for Bible College

We were asked by Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa to create a promotional video.  They had talked to several companies who “specialize” in college promo videos, but these videos were extremely expensive and some of them came with an annual renewal fee.  We do things a little differently around here and knew that we could create a great video, without the absurd fees and charges that the other companies offered.  Plus, we were able to be more flexible and could create something that would be in line with this Bible college’s standards of excellence.

We came out to Ankeny, Iowa 2 different times in the Fall for a total of 7 days of filming.  The work brought long days, but it was really fun meeting the college students and seeing them in class, at sporting events and just hanging out on campus.  We came away very impressed with the campus, staff, and students of this college.  In talking with the Admissions staff, we found their core values and what was important to showcase in this video.  We developed a 4 piece part of the video which included highlighting:

  • The Opportunities that the school allows, like travel, sports, etc.
  • Athletics:  They have a wide variety of sport
  • Academics:  They have some of the best faculty around, who are passionate about their subject matters and their students
  • Admissions: Faith Bible College offers scholarships and other ways to reduce the burden of debt

One of their goals was to show that Faith is for not only a pastor or teacher but also a student that may want to go into another non-ministry-related field at some point.  We developed the tagline of “Faith is for Me”, which is highlighted in the intro piece of the video.  Our overall goal was to create a highly professional video, using only the best camera equipment, but we also wanted the fun of a small college to come through.  From what everyone has told us after the launch, we were able to impress everyone who has seen the video.  We were able to shoot so much amazing footage that we will be producing several more promotional videos that highlight specific aspects of the school.  Look for those coming out soon.

You may not have the same needs as this Bible college, but we would love to produce a high-quality video for your school, college, university, or organization.  Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you.

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