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Traditionally, there were a limited number of channels that a company had to manage.

But as the lines keep blurring in the business models, businesses will need to manage more channels.

The marketplaces and their ever-evolving business model will fuel the growth of channels even further. These marketplaces also pose some of the newer challenges that didn’t exist in the traditional channels, such as the dynamic changes in pricing based on market conditions and consumer behaviors.

That makes managing channels even harder as the original assumptions about pricing and discount are likely to change.

But what can companies do to have the strategies without any channel conflict?

Let’s hear from experts Kristina Harrington, Steve Rice, Damon Pistulka √, Dave Meyer, Jeff Long, and Sam Gupta as they share their expertise on overcoming channel conflict.

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Now, please share your experiences with overcoming channel conflict in the comment below. 👇

#channelconflict #marketplaces #ecommerce #WBSRocks

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