Scared of Being On Camera Try? This 1 Tip

What’s your strategy for getting more sales this year?

We all know that part of sales is getting someone to know, like, and trust you enough to let you pitch your products. Recording videos to showcase your expertise and demonstrate your products is critical to that process.

But it can feel super awkward and silly to be on camera or use your smartphone. Or maybe I’m the only one that feels that way?

Here’s one tip that helps reduce the stress of being in a video. Imagine just one person. Pick someone you like. Someone who will cheer you on. Or someone that knows a little less about a topic than you do.

And imagine talking to that one person.

I’ve found that using this strategy helps reduce the stress and pressure of being on camera.

And when you feel more comfortable you can deliver your content and showcase your products. It won’t be perfect. But that’s ok. We don’t need perfect. We need YOU. You’re the expert. You have the solution that your customer is looking for.

So go ahead. Get started today. Imagine one person that’s looking for a new tip, strategy, solution, or demonstration.

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