Stop Being The Best Kept Secret

The goal of any business or for any product is to be recognized and recognizable. Perhaps you are a salesperson who has been on a call or discussing a product and the customer casually mentions that they have never heard of your company or product. Hearing these words can be disheartening, but it is possible to stop being the best-kept secret around. I am here to explain how to do that with just a single strategy. However, if you want to learn more in-depth strategies, there is a book by Curt Anderson that can help, but let’s focus on a single strategy.

According to Gardner Research, most B2B buyers, over 70 percent, are doing their comprehensive research prior to making a call or reaching out to a sales rep in some other way. This means you must put your full content in front of a potential customer. Of course, video content is the best type, but all forms of content marketing are important. So the video value bomb for today is to create customer-centric content.

Create Customer-Centric Video Content

Customer-centric content is content that customers will want to watch that demonstrates, explains, or promotes your product in a customer-focused manner. This type of content, with video being the best option, will increase your Google rankings while showcasing your products and expertise, so you are no longer the best-kept secret around.

Once you create this video content, it becomes what we refer to as a video value bomb. Once the video content is created, design other marketing content to support the original content. This combination is known as content multiplication. You must ask yourself what related articles you can create or what graphics can support the original video. You may even want to create audio to help add to the original video value bomb.

Step three of this process is distribution, following the video value bomb and content multiplication. Next, you need to determine where your ideal customer is located or search for potential products. This is where your content should go. The obvious places to start are social media, YouTube, and your website, but other platforms may also be perfect for your specific content. When we work with companies, we have a list of over 40 places where content can be posted monthly, but the focus should be on your top few channels to become known as an industry expert. Soon, customers will start coming to you with questions and seeking products instead of saying that they have never heard of you.

Start creating customer-centric videos and related content right away. If we can help, please feel free to reach out.

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