The 5 Part Strategy to Leverage the Power of Video FAQs

Did you know that on an average, customers will watch 30-minutes of video before making a buying decision? Most buyers will do their research, consume articles but most of what they want is to watch video content about your products, services, webinars, company, FAQs and more. Many times this is all done before speaking to you, your rep or anyone in your company.

The average customer will watch 30-minutes of video before making a buying decision

We recommend helping potential customers by educating them. Not every customer is going to be diligent enough to read long lists of articles or text-based FAQs, so using these video content can get your message across much better. And one of the most popular types of video content with high ROI in to create as many FAQ videos as possible. That’s because your customers have many questions throughout every step of the buying, usage and customer support process. To expound on this further, here is a 5-step strategy that will leverage this power greatly.

Step 1 – Create a Dedicated Page

You probably already have a list of most often asked inquiries, so converting them into videos is simple. First, create a dedicated page where you can compile all these pieces of content. Having them all in one place will help your customers/clients get to know and associate themselves with your company, products, and services, all before they call your office or talk to a rep.

Once you have this setup, be sure to share the link on all your social media, newsletters and by sharing them with your reps. Reaching more people will only boost your credibility even more.

Step 2 – Produce FAQs For Each Product

The second step in this 5-step strategy is to produce FAQ videos for your top-selling products. Identify about three to five questions that consumers repeatedly ask and take time to expound on them further on a video for each question.

I believe hearing the answers directly from you won’t just make your company seem more reputable, but it also sends a stronger message. You might want to take time to case studies and success stories and about how your customers use your products. This way, your products will be much better received by everyone.

Step 3 – Create a Written Article From Each FAQ Video

Besides clarifying every single point, this task is also a great way of boosting your SEO. Utilizing popular keywords can make your site easier to locate when someone searches for it. Search engines like YouTube and Google will identify what pieces of content utilizes these terms and subsequently connect it with consumers.

Step 4 – Post Videos and Articles on Social Media

Social media is arguably the most influential vessel in today’s information age. So to reach more people, share your FAQ videos on any social media channels where your customers are. But, we’ve also seen success with companies who use social media channels that their competitors do not. If you’re already making content, why not post to any social media platform that you can? Then, add a catchy piece of ad copy to really grab your audience’s attention.

Getting the information on this platform will get your message across faster and in a more amplified manner. My suggestion is to post at least one FAQ video per day, depending on the platform, so it breeds familiarity with users.

Step 5 – Email Drip Campaigns

Finally, another effective strategy is to out to your customers with a weekly email drip campaign. Here, you’ll be answering a top question and sending it out automatically to anyone who completed a form or inquired about a product.

We’ve learned that it’s actually a nice way to end this process. Not only does this strengthen your network, but you also gain insights on potential clients. Even a simple one will work, so as long as it keeps them fully engrossed in your company.

Following this 5-part strategy should drastically boost your reputation as well as your sales. If you’d like to learn more, click on the button below, where we talk about the three videos you should have and where to put them on the sales funnel.

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