The Power of Video FAQs And How to Create Them

Customers ask questions, potential buyers ask questions, and even those within the company ask questions, so why not make it easy to find an answer to those questions that are the most commonly asked? This video value bomb is about creating videos about your most frequently asked questions that make it easy to find a solution. Read on to learn how to get started.

Make a List

The first step is simple, especially if you already have an FAQ question list on your website or a record of customer service inquiries. Create a list of your top ten to twenty most frequently asked questions about products or common issues. This will be the list you use to create videos.

Find a Product with the Same Issue

This will be industry-specific, but if answering a question about a specific product, make sure to have that product readily available to demonstrate how to fix the issue being addressed. For example, telling someone how to find a spark plug on a machine is useless if the machine is not present on camera. The same is true of finding something in a computer program, share your screen and walk through each step clearly. This will take some time and creativity, but it will be beneficial to your business. Repeat this for each FAQ you have chosen.

Post Everywhere

Once a few videos have been created, post them everywhere a customer or potential client may see them. This is not something that should be limited to the company website. Add videos on Facebook, YouTube, and any other platform customers may frequent. It can even be helpful to play these videos at trade shows and events to demonstrate your knowledge or to add to client emails as a signature for a bit of extra information and interaction. This will allow more viewers to lay eyes on your videos and improve your standing as an industry expert.

Though these videos are relatively simple to create and upload, the returns will be unending. Think of the time customer service will save if clients are not making contact about the same issues repeatedly. If this is not enough of a return on investment, sales will also be more streamlined because questions will already have been answered. Most potential customers will research before making a purchase, so this makes the process easier. Get started today, and let me know how it goes. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to have your questions answered.

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