Using video and live streaming corporate training

Training and eLearning are booming. They can not only effectively train your employees, but it using technology can also save money.

We were asking by an international company to come to a live training seminar to videotape the sessions. Our video cameras were connected to an internet streaming device which was broadcast through a private link. There were a few people in a small conference room with us, but there were many more attenders from all over the world that had logged on and were watching the training session. Local and virtual attenders could ask questions, see the presenter and view the PowerPoint slides. It was a seamless experience and everyone learned the topics for the day.

The video based training saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses since most of the attenders didn’t have to fly to Dayton, Ohio to attend. The attenders were glad that they didn’t have to take a lot of their time and money in travel but could watch the training in the comfort of their offices.

How do you use video in your training and eLearning projects?

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