The value of a mastermind

Every year I sit down and write a set of goals. My goals range from personal, spiritual, family and business. This year I decided that I needed a group of people close to me that could help me (as I help them) reach my goals.

Ben Franklin’s Secret

Benjamin Franklin was famous for popularizing the “Mastermind Group”.  The first thing that comes to my mind is a group of evil dictators sitting at a round table laughing maniacally…but I’m pretty sure this was not Franklin’s intent.  Nor is it mine.  Franklin’s goal was to get leaders in the community together to sharpen and help improve each other in the model of “a rising tide lifts all ships”.

Reaching my Goals

Since making the goal this year I’ve started a Mastermind Group with someone that’s been on the top of my list for a while.  I’ve also joined an exclusive (and expensive) Mastermind Group of 48 people with one of my mentors, Dan Miller.  I’m the board of advisors for his website, which has 14,000 members who are pursuing work that they love.  Dan has brought together some very smart and successful people and I’m looking forward to helping this group and reaching my goals.

I’m prepping to leave for Franklin, TN where I’ll meet most of the Mastermind Group for a 2 and half day retreat.  I plan on making some great connections there.  I’ve met Dan Miller several times and each time I’m amazed at his hospitality and ability to generate income from various streams of income.

I plan on writing some lessons that I learned while at this event.  Stay tuned…

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