Video Content Marketing for Manufacturing

The world of business is constantly changing and as technology has evolved the importance of video to serve others has risen.  Jeff Long is a leader in industry by helping manufacturers create valuable content that engages potential buyers as they evaluate available solutions.  With nearly 70% of the buyer journey being completed before sales is contacted it is becoming more and more critical to have valuable content ready to serve when the questions arise.

This can be a daunting statistic and often leaves people feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.  Jeff unpacks the wonderful idea of “Video Value Bombs” and shares how they can make a significant impact for any company.  He explains this process and how many of the subject matter experts you already have on your team are the prime candidates to share ideas and topics that clients need support in.  

Jeff lays out a process that is sure to set you on a path to success:

  • Develop a content roadmap
  • Multiply the content
  • Supercharge the content distribution

He shares tips, hardware considerations, key performance indicators to measure success by, the power of the different forms of media and who can lead the charge for great content that serves the clients you want in the future.  This is an intense conversation full of action items that will change the way you view content.  Grab a pen and paper for notes and get your camera ready as when this is over you will be equipped and ready to start dropping your very own Video Value Bombs!  

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