Video project for Midwest Fasteners in Miamisburg, Ohio

What is Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding

We recently worked with Midwest Fasteners based in Miamisburg, Ohio to produce a series of 8 how-to video tutorials. This manufacturing company wanted videos to showcase their innovative products, but also use the videos to instruct users of the products on how to best set up the products for specific uses. Midwest Fasteners also used these videos for their sales team to more effectively sell their various products.

Midwest Fasteners was surprised at how effective the videos were in generating calls coming into their office from people who were interested in buying their products. We worked with them to optimize their YouTube channel for maximum visibility to people searching online. They also embedded each video onto their company website and we’re working with them to create more content for their video library.

Video Process


We worked with Midwest Fasteners from concept to completion. During the pre-production phase, we collaborated on the script writing and review process to craft the best messaging. We also talked about how to best shoot the videos so they all had the same look and feel, especially since we’ll be producing more video content in the future.


During the Production phase, we used 3 cameras to get various angles of the product being set up and proper use so the operator knows exactly how to use the Sure Shot II and the various components. Since the Sure Shot II is used with stud welding, weld pins, weld studs, and Cuphead Weld Pins we created a video for each setup. We knew that a voiceover was going to drive the videos along and had to shoot the videos knowing that we would lay down the voiceover track during post-production.


Throughout the post-production phase, we worked closely with Midwest Fasteners to ensure the correct message was getting across and that the proper safety precautions were clear throughout the video. We edited each video and included a motion graphic intro, and individual graphics throughout each video and kept the branding consistent throughout all 8 videos. Since we have connections to many voiceover talents, we were able to find someone with a voice that matched the tonal quality of the videos. We know that a voiceover artist plays a subtle, yet critical role in the believability and authority of the content that these manufacturing videos were showcasing.

Why every manufacturing company should use video

Midwest Fasteners is an industry leader and having a series of professionally produced videos shows their authority to not only their customers but also to their competition. Video sets you apart in that it easily makes you an authority. At True Focus Media, we’ve seen it time and again. In fact, both people and search engines view you as a subject authority. The more videos you produce, the better your search rankings will be and you will be seen as an authority. And since videos help you get more easily found by placing you closer to the top of search rankings, then more people will find you which results in more sales. It’s the best sales cycle you can have.

“Simply put, more videos equals more visibility which leads to more sales.”

We are seeing more manufacturing companies turn to videos to market, promote, inform, sell, train, and instruct. They can even be used with eLearning content internally to train employees. If you would like to learn more about how video can help you reduce costs, increase your Google ranking and boost sales, then give us a call today. We would love to hear your needs and give our recommendations on how you can best use video.

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